Monday, April 1, 2013

Poem to A(n) (Ex)Friend

Once upon a time there was a boy I knew,
Not gonna lie, my mind he blew.
He seemed absolutely perfect in every way
All I could think about was him, night and day.
One day he decided to become a part of me,
Never had I ever felt so free.
We became fast friends, thought we'd last forever.
What came next I hadn't expected, never.
Nothing hurts more than a stab in the back,
Everything in my world really did turn to black.
The thought of things I'd done after have brought me to shame,
How much I wish that he were the only one to blame.
What I did to myself was horrible, with no excuse
No living being deserves that much mental abuse.
So many things that I'd like to say,
Guts it must take for a friend to betray.
Why he did it I truly don't know,
Why he could commit to throwing at me such a heavy blow.
Whether it was bravery or cowardice I cannot decide,
It's so sad to lose a friend in which I truly could confide.
Going after a stranger was truly a mistake,
Then again it seemed like losing him was a chance I was willing to take.
Now you, yes you, go run off with your little whore,
But you'll come back expecting me to be crushed, crying on the floor.
You were wrong about me like I was wrong about you,
You say you've changed, though I myself grew.
I've learned from my mistakes, I hope you have too,
Although having you try to get back in shows you're the same old you.
What we used to have is now clearly in the past,
I should have known the times we spent together were too good to last.
I don't need you're apologies of explanations,
Just seeing your number appear on my phone brings me complications.
If it hasn't been clear, I've forgotten about you and I suggest you do the same,
I was a genuine friend and you lost me and for that you are the only one to blame.
I've left all of our memories sitting atop a far away shelf,
So if at night you think of me, don't cry for me but for yourself.
I'm sorry to say you once were my friend,
But happy to say that this is the end.

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